Supporting the Antoinette Centre

The Antoinette Centre is run by the Trust for Thanet Archaeology, a registered education charity (Registered Charity Number 299054), whose aims include providing education in Archaeology.

Everyone in our AntCommunity can support the centre by signing up for courses, or following our activities, but if you like what we are doing at the Antoinette Centre, we would love you to support our work by making a donation toward its operation and development. You can also help us to buy things that would help us improve the activities and facilities we offer at the centre.

Your donations will help to fund the development of  educational facilities and activities on the site, to maintain the centre as a nice place to do archaeology.

Over time, the project groups that help to run the centre will identify resources that would help with their role in the centre and we would like to share these with the AntCommunity, to see if you are able to help us with our aims.

You can make a one off donation to the centre, or to a project by card using the PayPal button in the side bar, or help us by making a regular donation toward our aims.

The button will take you a PayPal donation form for the Trust for Thanet Archaeology where it will be shown as a donation to support the Antoinette Centre.