October Half Term  2019

Our exciting new programme began in April 2019 and continues into the autumn.

Workshops, courses and talks from Mobile-Archaeologymobile-archaeologyand Archaeolearning   are hosted at the Antoinette Centre. Events cater for all ages, interests and abilities.

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ArchaeoLearning will be running workshops during the October Half Term. Workshops are now open to adults too, so if you are 8, 18 or 80 with an interest in history and archaeology – come and get involved.

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Potty about Pottery

Wednesday 23rd October

Can you tell a Neolithic piece of pottery from a Post-Medieval example?
Why did ancient potters add things to clay?
Did they really use manure?
Pottery is the most common artefact found on archaeological sites, and can reveal much information about the site, the maker and fashions of the time. The types of clay used, its colour, shape and what it has in the clay (inclusions) can indicate its date, purpose and how it was made and even where it was made.
After looking at many examples from different historical periods, you will be provided with some air dried clay to create your own design based on what you have seen. If you wish, you can add some inclusions such as sand, shell or grog (ground up pieces of old pot).
All materials used are child friendly.
Duration: 2 hours
Age Guide: 8 years +
Price: £15 per child.
Numbers limited to 12

Journey through the Stone Age and Prehistory

Friday 25th October

When did humans reach Britain?
Why was there a 10,000 year absence of human habitation in Britain?
Were Neanderthals clever?
If you had a scale 1 cm to 1000 years, how many meters would human evolution begin? Come along and find out the answers to these and more on a journey through Prehistory.
Hold half a million years of human history in the palm of your hand; Palaeolithic hand-axes, Mesolithic wood working tools, Neolithic flint tools, Bronze Age axes and arrowheads, along with the earliest examples of pottery we have.

Finish off your journey by carving your own hand-axe or arrowhead from soap to take home.

Duration: 2 hours
Age Guide: 8 years +
Price: £14 per child.
Numbers limited to 15