Spring 2019

Our exciting new programme began in April 2019 and continues into the summer.

Workshops, courses and talks from Mobile-Archaeologymobile-archaeologyand Archaeolearning   are hosted at the Antoinette Centre. Events cater for all ages, interests and abilities.

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Workshops May 2019

Children’s and Junior Workshops

ArchaeoLearning will be running three days of children’s workshops during the May half term.

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What does an Archaeologist do? 

Tuesday 28th May

Did you know there were lots of different sides to archaeology?

Do you know how an archaeologist dates objects? What can the different layers in the soil tell us?

Why is it so important to draw and record objects that are found?

This very popular 2 hour workshop explores the many different sides to archaeology and helps children understand the journey of an object from excavation to exhibition. We will look at stratigraphy, dating methods and some of the tricky bits of understanding the archaeological record. The children will learn the value of recording before completing their own mini excavation.
Duration: 2 hours
Age Guide: 7 to 11 years (this is a guide only)
Price: £13.50 per child.
Numbers limited to 10


What is environmental Archaeology?

Wednesday 29th May

What is the difference between an ecofact and an artefact?

What exactly is Environmental Archaeology?

And what exactly is a coprolite?

This workshop will explain the aim of Environmental Archaeology and give children the opportunity to get hands on (and a little bit messy!).
Children will sieve through samples taken from site identifying seeds and bones as they go, before examining and analysing the contents of an example of human waste. We will spend time considering what this evidence tells us and what it can mean to our understanding of the environment in history and how humans used it.
Materials used will be child friendly and created in the kitchen (not the smallest room in the house!).
Duration: 2 hours
Age Guide: 8 years +
Price: £14 per child.
Numbers limited to 15


Journey through Prehistory

Thursday 30th May

When did humans reach Britain?
Why was there a 10,000 year absence of human habitation in Britain?
Were Neanderthals clever?
If you had a scale 1 cm to 1000 years, how many meters would human evolution begin? Come along and find out the answers to these and more on a journey through Prehistory.
Hold half a million years of human history in the palm of your hand; Palaeolithic hand-axes, Mesolithic wood working tools, Neolithic flint tools, Bronze Age axes and arrowheads, along with the earliest examples of pottery we have.

Finish off your journey by carving your own hand-axe or arrowhead from soap to take home.

Duration: 2 hours
Age Guide: 8 years +
Price: £14 per child.
Numbers limited to 15